Get your First Episode Edited for Only $30

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Custom Packages

All services are customizable 

Audio Editing

We personally listen to and edit each episode. 

Customizable Options: 

Basic edits: remove ums, ahs, and mistakes


Add background music

Voice over 

$30-$200 per episode

Podcast Launch

$500-$3000 to launch

Includes audio editing, intro/outro/ad creation, audience growth strategy, and any of the following podcast production services, 

Customizable Options: 

Full set-up on all podcasting platforms
Cover art

Basic content writing: headlines, show notes

Publishing & syndication 

Assigned Producer/Consultant

Podcast + Video 


Includes audio editing, intro/outro, podcast production services, and any of the following video services, 

Customizable Options: 

Basic video edits: remove audio mistakes

Add branding

Add background music 

Optimize video for social media

Podcast + Video + Social Media


Includes audio editing, intro/outro, podcast production services, video production and any of the following services, 

Customizable Options: 

Quarterly social media strategy session

Up to 30 targeted hashtags

3 caption templates

Monthly social-media check-ins

Repurpose content for social media

mini video clips - optimized for social channels 

Podcast + Video + Social Media + Content & SEO


Includes audio editing, intro/outro/ad creation, podcast production, video production, social media services, and any of the following services, 

Customizable Options: 

SEO strategy 

Blog post to correspond with episode

Set-up podcast webpage 

Audio players to embed on website

Podcasts are growing really fast!

Podcasting FAQ to help you get started

What is needed to start a podcast? 

The only podcasting equipment you really need are a computer and a good microphone to get started. You can always add to your podcasting arsenal later!

How much does it cost to start a podcast? 

Already have a computer and a mic? Good! You can start a podcast for free. However, a podcast can be a major investment depending on your goals. 

Can you start a podcast for free? 

Yes, you can - and many people do!


Can you make money with a podcast?  

You can absolutely make money through podcasting. A few examples include sponsorships, affiliate partnerships, and selling products through your podcast. 

How to start a podcast with no audience? 

The best thing you can do when you're first getting started in podcasting is to really think about your niche audience. Utilize social media to promote your podcast. Optimize your podcast content for SEO (so potential listeners can actually find it!)

Music Equipment

Brands & Partnerships

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What People Are Saying

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"Kellen is an excellent audio editor and podcast producer, the 6 podcast episodes sound fantastic - he even created a jingle and recorded an introduction for the podcast that is high quality. The original episodes included video interviews and included a lot of sound mistakes, dead-space, and background noise. Kellen removed all of that and did such a great job that you can't even tell it was ever there. He also made sure to run all major edits by me first which I appreciated. We operate an extremely popular website and online community that reaches over 30 million people per month. We were looking for the best of the best. We found it in Kellen and will continue to utilize his producing and editing services for the launch of our 2 other upcoming corporate podcasts. He was also very quick and completed the tasks well before the due date."

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